Founded in 1984, the Bengali Association of Dallas Fort Worth (BA-DFW), Texas, USA. BA-DFW is the foremost non-profit Bengali organization of North Texas.

For over three decades, BA-DFW has been representing the vibrant Bengali community of the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan areas of North Texas — promoting harmony and integration through cultural and social activities, open to all who have an interest in the language, literature, culture and heritage of Bengal.

Our growing membership from Greater Dallas / Ft. Worth and other parts of North Texas at large, represents a well-educated, very established and highly successful cross-section of expatriates from West Bengal and various other parts of India and Bangladesh.

For over a quarter century, we have represented the Bengali community of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. Our mission is to promote a harmonious blend of our diverse culture and rich values with today’s hi-tech, fast-paced, success-driven way of life, with a view to nurturing well-balanced, exemplary new generations, who will continue to be role models and enrich the world in greater measure. Our fundamental objectives are:


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We are committed to sustaining and promoting our culture and heritage, supporting the society we live in and reinforcing our future generation with meaningful values. We strive to keep our rich culture and heritage alive through various religious events, social and educational activities and cultural programs throughout the year.

  • We run an autonomous Bengali language school, to provide our kids the unique opportunity to learn and maintain proficiency in the language.
  • We conduct regular fund raising activities for our community support and social service goals to assist the needy in India, Bangladesh and the United States.
  • We renew our festive spirits, following true Bengali traditions — our celebrations of Durga Puja in Fall and Saraswati Puja in Spring are attended in large numbers
  • We attempt to bring the community together and keep them actively involved in various social events throughout the year — whether it is the Bengali New Year, our Summer picnic gala, or the year-end dine-n-dance party.
  • We have consistently been among the most culturally active expatriate organizations in the United States, regularly hosting popular artists from India, screening popular Bengali movies, and presenting high-quality cultural programs by local talents of all ages.